Graham Armfield

Graham Armfield busking in Woking, September 2015
Graham Armfield busking in Woking, September 2015

This site is all about my exploits as a musician and songwriter. If you’re looking for information about the Graham Armfield who is a Web Accessibility Consultant, please visit Coolfields Consulting.

I’ve got a section that covers all the bands I’ve been in over the years. Then I’ve got some information about my last album ‘Life Line’ and the new album ‘Found My Way’ which has just been released.

But I’m not really interested in being in a band at the moment – I prefer to plough a solo path, just me and my guitar. I find this more liberating and flexible – I can just turn up anywhere and play. I’m pretty much self contained.

Have a look at the blog section where I cover the latest news on the new album and other music projects I’m involved in.

And my last album ‘Life Line’ is on Spotify now – why not head over and have a listen?

Graham Armfield at Vic's Buskers, March 1st 2016
Graham Armfield at Vic’s Buskers, Rowbarge, Guildford, March 1st 2016