Work Has Started On The New Album

Early last month I posted that I was going to be recording an album this year. Well work has started on the process.

I’ve been collecting together a list of songs for consideration. I’m looking at there being 10 songs on the finished album, but I’ll probably work on more as sometimes songs just don’t work as expected when it comes to recording.

Potential list of songs

List of album songs on my Trello board
List of album songs on my Trello board

The current rough list is shown here. Some songs will be solo voice/guitar and some will be recorded as a band.

  • It’s Only Love (solo)
  • High Time (band)
  • Time, Time, Time (band)
  • Commit Yourself (solo)
  • If You Could Only See (solo)
  • Your Eyes Are My Sun (solo-ish)
  • Take Your Chance (band)
  • Sail Away (band)
  • How Did You Know? (solo)
  • Lonely Me (solo)
  • D A D A D A G (band)
  • Abmaj7 C (solo)
  • A New Kind of Love (solo)
  • If You Were Still Here (solo)

But things are likely to change over time.

The next step is to start creating some demos of the songs to work out arrangements and backing vocal harmonies etc. And some of the songs in the list still need to be finished – those ones are likely to get recorded later on in the year.


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