Life Line Album Re-Released Soon

First release

When the Life Line album was first finished and released back in 2009, I wasn’t performing on a regular basis. Apart from the actual recording process, I was even playing the guitar very much at all.

So the initial run of copies of the Life Line CD was very small – in fact I replicated them all myself on my laptop. My laptop then had a laser etching application and so I got hold of some two-sided discs and made them all – so completing the do-it-yourself nature of the project.

Initially, there was a limited edition run of 15 of the album which contained an extra track. These I gave to my family and best friends, and/or people who had contributed to the making of the album.

Because no-one else even knew of the album’s existence, there was no demand and therefore no need for anything more. I wasn’t even convinced that anyone was interested.

Performing again

But wind forward to 2016, and I’m performing at open-mic nights and other events on a regular basis. I’ve started writing songs again, and I’m also now working on my next album.

Now I’m finding that people are interested in my songs, and some of the ones I play regularly are from the Life Line album – notably: ‘Since You’ve Been In My Life’, ‘If This I The Way’ and ‘I Want To Know’.

So for the first time, I’m going to get a proper run done of the Life Line album.

Updating the cover artwork

I’m currently updating the album artwork. I was initially reluctant to do this a it didn’t seem right to move away from the initial release.

But then I realised I had to, for two reasons.

Firstly, the original cover contained a link to my old MySpace account – something which I have long since abandoned (like most people?). Apart from being essentially a dead platform now, the MySpace format seemed so restrictive. So I wanted to link to this website – a place where I have much more freedom to present thoughts and ideas how I want.

The second reason concerns the packaging. The original CD was issued in plastic CD jewel cases with hand cut and folded inserts.

For the reissue, I didn’t want to add greatly to the amount of plastic in our world, so I’m going for a fully card sleeve. The company I’m going to use to produce the CDs (Disc Manufacturing Services of Plymouth) offer a folding pack that does actually have a more visible spine than some card sleeves.

So a complete reorganisation of the artwork is needed. I’m currently finishing this off now.

Latest view of outside cover of Life Line reissue
Latest view of outside cover of Life Line reissue

Ordering the CDs

Once I’ve got the artwork updated it’ll be time to get the cover printed and the CDs made.

So I may have finished copies of the reissue by the end of June – as long as I don’t change my mind about anything.

I’m also going to be looking at ways that people can get hold of the album via a digital download. I’ll keep people posted on that.

Let me know if you’re interested in a copy.

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