Life Line album from 2009

Life Line CD Available Again

I recently ordered some more copies of the Life Line CD as I had no more copies of the last run left – and they have now arrived. This time the CD is contained within a card envelope rather than the plastic boxes of the original release.

One of the boxes of Life Line CDs
One of the boxes of Life Line CDs

I’ve distributed some copies already at open mic nights to people who have wanted one.

In the near future I will be investigating how to make the CD more widely available – both physically and via download. I’m thinking about using Bandcamp since it handles both quality downloads and the selling of physical CDs.

I’ve heard good things about Bandcamp, but what do you think? Do you know of a better service?

I’ll be publishing details of how people can buy the album soon. But if you want one, please let me know.

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