Graham Armfield playing a 12-string guitar in a studio.

Recording New Songs – Spring 2023

I’ve been back in a studio again to record some new songs. It’s my first time in a studio since late 2019.

And it felt good.

New songs

Hi there. It’s early May 2023 and I’ve started recording some new songs. Since my Found My Way album was finished back in 2019 I seem to have got back into songwriting mode after a break whilst recovering from an accident.

I’m pleased with the way the songs are coming out and they seem to be going down well at open mic nights when I’ve been performing them. A couple of them also got included in my Wynterfest set from 2022.

Now I’ve got enough songs to start thinking about my next album. So, after a bit of preparation, I’ve made a start in the studio.

Once again I’m working with Neal from Miacon Studios. We seem to work quite well together and the sessions for Found My Way went well.

Neal no longer has his studio in Horsell, but with his laptop and a box full of gear he can set up effectively anywhere. We’ve been using the music room of a local school that Neal is allowed to access.

The sessions

So far we’ve had two sessions.

Graham Armfield playing an acoustic guitar in a studio.The first one focussed on recording acoustic guitar parts for two songs, ‘Getting Back To You’ and ‘Careful Where I Tread’. I’d prepped some rough guide tracks at home to play along to.

A couple of weeks later I was back with my Rickenbacker 12-string guitar to work on two other tracks, ‘Finding Out’ and ‘Help Me Now’ – the latter being my newest song, only written in March this year. Once again I was playing along to home-made backing tracks.

At both sessions Neal and recorded videos of some of the action, and I’ve put together a short compilation which I’ve uploaded to YouTube.

What next?

Using my rough demos from home I’ll be prepping some more guitar parts for songs. The acoustic guitar parts for Finding Out and Help Me Now re probably next on the list of this to do.

I’ve also got a few more songs that I haven’t started yet so I’ll be factoring them into the mix.

After that I’ll be working on the vocals.

I’ll be posting more when I’ve had a few more sessions.


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