Graham Armfield onstage at Andy's Out of Hours on June 3rd 2023.

Two Gigs In One Day

Updated 18th June 2023 – after the gigs.

Apart from open mic nights I haven’t really done much performing recently. So you wait around, and then suddenly it’s two gigs in one day!

Fortunately the timings mean that I can play both of them and so Saturday June 3rd 2023 is going to be a busy day.

Shynefest 2023

Shynefest Flier.

My friend Shyne has been involved in running Shynefest for several years now and it’s always been a successful festival. As well as the main stage(s) for full bands they have often had smaller stages and I did play a set at Shynefest back in 2018. I’ve posted about that before on Summer 2018 Festivals Remembered.

Graham Armfield at Wynterfest 2022 in Guildford.
Graham Armfield at Wynterfest 2022 in Guildford.

Shyne also runs Wynterfest and I’ve played that a couple of times too – most recently when it was at the Star Inn in Guildford in 2022. You can find out more about that at Wynterfest 2022 Match Report.

This year they’re running a second stage at Shynefest and I’ve been asked to play a set at 11:30am. I’m looking forward to that and I’ll be playing a few of my new songs.

Shynefest takes place near Guildford at Merrist Wood College, Worplesdon, Guildford, Surrey, GU3 3PE and Shynefest tickets are available here.

Update 18th June

Graham Armfield onstage at Shynefest on June 3rd 2023.My set at Shynefest seemed to go down well. There were a good few people in the marquee when I first started and most of them stayed until the end, with a few others joining during my set.

I videoed the set and I’ve already uploaded a couple of the songs to YouTube. I finished the set with a new song ‘Getting Back To You’ and the video is here.

If you want to see other songs, you can check out my live videos on YouTube.

Andy’s Out Of Hours

Andy's Out of Hours flyer.
So in the evening of Saturday June 3rd 2023 I’m also playing a set at Andy’s Out of Hours in Goldsworth Park, Woking.

Andy’s Out of Hours is a regular music event that happens every other month at Andy’s Community Cafe. The cafe is connected to St Andrews Church opposite Waitrose. The full address is Andy’s Community Cafe, 7 Goldsworth House, Woking GU21 3LG.

Entrance to the event is free, but you need to reserve tickets as there’s only limited space. Reserve your tickets here.

The Out of Hours event start at 7:30pm and I think I’m on first. There’s an opportunity for a longer set here than at Shynefest earlier in the day.

Update 18th June

Graham Armfield onstage at Andy's Out of Hours on June 3rd 2023.The gig at Andy’s Out of Hours went really well. Andy’s Cafe is a very welcoming venue and although the audience didn’t really know any of my songs I got some really good responses. A few people came up to me afterwards to talk – always a good sign that you’ve gone down well.

As with Shynefest, I recorded my set at Andy’s Cafe and I’ll be uploading some of the songs to YouTube soon. But one of them is there already – Help Me Now.

Why not subscribe to my YouTube channel for notifications when I upload more videos. If you want to see other songs now, you can check out my live videos on YouTube.

Were you there?

So, two gigs in one day.

If you were at either of my sets that day, please let me know in the comments below what you thought. Thanks.

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