Several Found My Way CDs in a box.


Here’s a section of the site about albums that I’ve done myself, or that I’ve been part of.

It also contains details of albums that are on their way.

Found My Way

Cover art for Found My Way album.
Front cover of Found My Way CD

Found My Way is the last album that I’ve released. It was recorded between Summer of 2017 and Autumn 2019, mainly at a studio in Horsell.

It was released in December 2019 and is available to stream on Spotify and to download at Bandcamp. It’s also available on CD.

Read more about Found My Way.

Life Line

Graham Armfield - Life Line cover
Front cover of Life Line CD

Life Line was recorded at home between 2007 and 2009 and was originally released in 2009.

In 2018 it became available on Spotify and in 2020 it became available for download on Bandcamp.

Read more about Life Line.

Back Story

Back Story is a collection of demos that I’ve recorded with various bands and musicians over the years.

As of Spring 2023 I’m working on preparing the demos for release. They’re currently all being mastered and I’ll be deciding on the track listing soon.

More to come on that album.

As Yet Untitled

As referred to in my post Recording New Songs the first sessions for what will be the next album of new songs have begun.

Getting all the songs recorded is going to take some time – especially as I haven’t finished some of the candidate songs yet.

I’ll be posting on progress from time to time.

Tune In by The Silent Blue

The cover of Silent Blue's Tune In mini-album
The cover of Silent Blue’s Tune In mini-album

The Silent Blue were band I was in during the late 1980s. We recorded some songs in Summer of 1989 and early 1990, and 6 of the songs were released as a mini-album called Tune In.

It was only ever released on vinyl and is not on any streaming platforms, nor even on a CD as far as I know.

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