Found My Way Album

Cover art for Found My Way
Front cover of Found My Way

The new album is finished, and is released!

Entitled ‘Found My Way’ I started recording it in the summer of 2017, and after a good few sessions now and again at Miacon Studios in Horsell it was wrapped up and released on 1st December 2019.

I’m really pleased with how it’s turned out – it sounds great!

Formats available

At the moment ‘Found My Way’ is available through Bandcamp – as a digital download of high quality MP3 files.

And ‘Found My Way’ is also on Spotify too.

What’s on the album?

Graham, Vic's Buskers, March 1st 2016
Graham, Vic’s Buskers, March 1st 2016

Whereas the ‘Life Line’ album I recorded in 2008/2009 was a collection of older songs, this new album is built mainly around the new material I’ve been writing over the last few years.

There is however one song of mine from the 1990s – ‘Time, Time, Time’. This was always a crowd pleaser when I was in bands in the 90s, but was never recorded. Originally it was going to be on the ‘Life Line’ album but it just wasn’t ready in time.

Since my current performing is based around just me and my guitar, the new album reflects that with a much sparser feel to the album. Some of my newer songs are about emotions and relationships, and I was keen to prevent large musical arrangements from getting in the way.

That said there are some more ‘band orientated’ arrangements. I was able call upon the services of some local friends and musicians to help out with those recordings.


Here’s a list of the songs on the album. Some of them you may be familiar with if you’ve seen me playing recently.

  1. Got To Be This Way
  2. High Time
  3. If You Could Only See
  4. Take Your Chance
  5. Through This Night
  6. Your Eyes Are My Sun
  7. Don’t Let Go
  8. Time, Time, Time
  9. Way Out West
  10. Not Like Before
  11. Tell Me Now
  12. Just Like A Dream

These are all my own songs, except for Don’t Let Go which was written with Francis Greene – a prolific local songwriter. Francis also plays keyboards and does backing vocals on the song.

Other people involved in the album:

  • Tracy Ginn – backing vocals
  • Karen Collier – backing vocals
  • Jo Lawrence – violin and viola
  • Neal Leggett – recording technician

What’s next?

I’m going to take a break from recording for a while now – to concentrate on playing the songs live. Some of the new songs have been part of my live list for a while, but others I haven’t really played since the recording sessions. It’ll be fun to take those out to open mic nights and gigs.

But I do have a growing collection of new song ideas here in a folder, and it won’t belong before I’ll be wanting to start recording them.