Life Line Album Re-Released Soon

First release

When the Life Line album was first finished and released back in 2009, I wasn’t performing on a regular basis. Apart from the actual recording process, I was even playing the guitar very much at all.

So the initial run of copies of the Life Line CD was very small – in fact I replicated them all myself on my laptop. My laptop then had a laser etching application and so I got hold of some two-sided discs and made them all – so completing the do-it-yourself nature of the project.

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It’s Only Love Uploaded to Soundcloud

I have just uploaded a new rough demo version of It’s Only Love to Soundcloud.

The song was originally written in the 90s, and was a Britpop style guitar thrash. This version is stripped down – just me and an acoustic guitar to let the emotions in the song shine through. It’s obviously quite a sad song about betrayal and the end of a relationship.

It’s the first finished demo of the few that I’ve been working on recently – demos for songs that are going to be on my next (still as yet untitled) album.

Hope you like it.