Found My Way Album

During 2018 I’m hoping to complete the recording of a new album. Provisionally entitled ‘Found My Way’ I started recording it in the summer of 2017

Graham, Vic's Buskers, March 1st 2016
Graham, Vic’s Buskers, March 1st 2016

Whereas the ‘Life Line’ album I recorded in 2008/2009 was a collection of older songs, this new album will be built mainly around the new material I’ve been writing over the last few years.

Since my current performing is based around just me and my guitar, the new album will reflect that with a much sparser feel to the album. Some of my newer songs are about emotions and relationships, and I was keen to prevent large musical arrangements from getting in the way.

That said there will be some more ‘band orientated’ arrangements. I’m hoping to call upon the services of some local friends and musicians to help out with those recordings.

Demoing the new songs - The main Tracktion control screen
Demoing the new songs

As I write this in July 2018, recording is progressing well.

I’ve been posting some updates in the blog about the progress on the new album, and you can find those under the Found My Way Album category.