Don’t Let Go

On Found My Way album – released 2019.


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I thought that our love was so special,
Something I’d really waited for.
But recently I fear the future,
It seems our love may be no more

Is this the start of some sad ending,
I’ve seen the yearning in your eyes.
Now I’m beginning to get worried,
I’ve seen you look at other guys.

But please don’t let go, keep holding on,
I don’t want to know, our love has gone
Don’t let the joy turn to tears, after so many good years

We’ve been together such a long time,
And we were happy all the while
But now I think there’s something missing,
Whatever happened to your smile?

You know I’ll love you wherever you are
I hope we’re together, forever in time

So please don’t let go, keep holding on.
I want you to see, our love is strong
Don’t let our love fall apart, let’s try to make a new start.

Copyright 2019 Graham Armfield and Francis Greene


At the moment there isn’t a video of me performing Don’t Let Go live, but I did put a video together showing aspects of the recording of the song.

Song history

This song started as a few chords and a keyboard riff a few years ago, but I could never seem to come up with some suitable lyrics or melody.

A chance conversation with Francis Greene at an open-mic night resulted in me sending him the chords, a rough demo and a few lines that I had written. The idea was to see what Francis could do with it.

Not long after, Francis gave me back a demo of a new version of the song, and a full set of the lyrics. Francis had added a great melody line and a much better chorus.

I found the melody a little high to sing easily, so I changed the key down a bit.

After I’d set up a drum track in the studio, Francis came in one evening to record the keyboard parts for the track. He also contributed some beautiful harmonies too.