Bus stop with people waiting.

Finding Out

Finding Out is a new song and is not on any of my albums yet, but it’ll probably be on the next one that I’m going to start recording soon.


It started as a dream
The one I had after we first met at the bus stop
Before I even knew your name.
I was on my way home
You were too, and you moved up under the shelter
So I could get out the rain

Since we were standing there, I said hello to you
We talked a little more, until your bus came through

I’m finding out, what it means to be the one
I’m finding out, I’m not alone
And when you’re near, good things start happening to me
I’m finding out, I’m not alone

Every day for quite a while
I’m looking out, hoping that I’d see you
So we could share some time again.
And all the days I chose to stay
When my bus left, until yours came along
Then I walked home alone

I listened carefully to everything you said
We shared so much each day, so now you’re in my head

If you only knew, the three things that I can do
The way you turn your head around
Your smile is shining through
The days I walked alone, suspended on my own
Are gone for good, now we are one
And we don’t have to walk alone

Finding out, we’re not alone
We’re not alone, We’re not alone

Copyright 2022 Graham Armfield


Here’s a YouTube video of me playing Finding Out at WynterFest 2022 in Guildford in February 2022.


Song history

Finding Out is one of my ‘Lockdown Numbers’, written during the Covid pandemic.

The music started out as the guitar riff in the verses in early 2021 when I was exploring some alternative chords.

The lyrics started out separately, with just a few ideas around a boy meets girl story – involving a bus stop. But it all started to jell together one day when I came up with the ‘Finding out’ bit whilst practicing on the guitar. This was obviously a good chorus and the positive vibe set the scene for the whole song.

The original guitar riff fitted in nicely and a pre-chorus joins this bit to the chorus.

12 string electric guitar.
12 string electric guitar

The ‘If you only knew’ bridge section came about when attempting some lead guitar over another completely separate guitar part. I liked how the melody stayed fairly constant over the changing chords. Initially this bit was hard to sing as the vocal scale of the melody differs from the rest of the song.

Whilst I play this live now on an acoustic, there is a demo version where my electric 12-string picks up the riff. I know I’m biassed, but it sounds great and when the song gets recorded it’ll probably follow that pattern – so drums and bass required too.